Terms and Conditions of Participation


1. 【U Draw, We Drive! Kia Soul EV Livery Design Competition】 enrollment period is from 26th April 2021 to 23:59:59 26th May 2021.

2. Each participant shall submit one entry only. Participants who submit multiple entries, only the last submission would be accepted, and the rest would be disqualified without further notice.


3. Participants should complete the application form and indicate the name of participant on the file name of the work. If the application form is incomplete or the information is incorrect, KIA MOTORS (HONG KONG) LIMITED (“Kia”) reserves the right to disqualify the application without any explanation or notification.


4. Each participant warrants that his/her participating entry is the participant’s original work and it does not infringe the intellectual property rights or any other rights of any person; the participant also warrants that the entry has never been published before, involved in any commercial activities or submitted to other competitions and it does not contain any obscene, bloody, violent, indecent, defamatory, illegal or other controversial or inappropriate content.

5. Participants are required to comply with the relevant copyright laws. If the participants infringe the copyright or other related crimes, including but not limited to the submission, reprinting, copying and counterfeiting of the competition, their qualifications will be cancelled. Participants should be responsible for their own legal responsibility, and any legal disputes are irrelevant to Kia.


6. If a participant or his/her entries involve or result in legal liability for any loss suffered by Kia’s reputation, Kia pursue all rights reserved.

7. All personal information provided must be authentic and accurate. Kia reserves the right to disqualify any participant who appears to Kia to have submitted unauthentic or inaccurate information or behaved in a fraudulent manner. If there is any dispute, Kia reserves the right to make the final decision.

8. Kia shall not be responsible or liable to the participant for any discrepancy, error or inaccuracy in registered information, caused by or involved in equipment, program or procedure failure due to the problem of the internet, technology or human errors.

9. All competition results will be based on the final decision of Kia. Participants are not allowed to object and the competition does not have an appeal mechanism.

10. Kia has the right to request the winners to provide identification proof for verification. Prizes will only be awarded upon verification of identity.


11. All copyright of the winning entries will be vested with Kia, who shall reserve the right to use, modify and publish the winning entries for publicity purpose without payment or prior consent from the participants.


12. Submission time is based on the time of receipt by the server of the technical supporting company.


13. Upon any discovery or suspicion of fraudulence, interference to the competition or operation of the internet, system security or rules violation, Kia has the right to disqualify any participant/winner without any notice. Kia shall have full and final decision over any of the aforementioned matters.


14. Participants shall fully understand the terms and conditions of the competition. Upon submission of application, participants shall be deemed to have accepted and be bound by the terms and conditions set out in this application.

15. Kia reserves the right to make changes to the rules and all other arrangements of the competition without prior notice.

16. The Traditional Chinese version shall prevail if there is any discrepancy between the Chinese and English version of these Terms and Conditions.

17. All matters and disputes will be subject to the final decision of Kia.

Personal Data Collection Statement

1. Personal data collected from participants will be used for this Campaign, including notification of result, prize arrangement and collection.

2. The supply of data by participants is entirely voluntary. However, failure to provide the data required will result in disqualification of the participant.

3. KIA Motors (HK) Limited & Kam Lung Motor Group (the companies) intend to use your personal data (including your name, contact details and other information) for direct marketing of our services and goods that may be of your interest. Your personal data held by us will be kept confidential, but we may use or process your personal data, or disclose or transfer your personal data to any of our affiliates, any third party financial institutions, insurers, researching service providers, marketing event contractors and external service providers under reasonable situations, for the purpose of direct marketing, including but not limited to:
(i) giving notification of new products, car accessories and upcoming services;
(ii) sending corporate newsletter and updates;
(iii) giving reminder for service maintenance, annual licensing and insurance renewal;
(iv) giving invitation to events and notification of special promotional offers; and
(v) conducting market, services or products analysis, or researching, developing or improving motor services or related products.

If you wish to amend or delete the personal data provided, please contact our Customer Relations Department at (852) 2448 2768 or unsubscribe@kamlung.com